Singer / Songwriter

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Written and produced by singer/songwriter,
Zorki Nastasic *
Jeff Pevar
Tony Levin
Jeff Sipe
Bill Coward
Jon Pousette-Dart
Bette Sussman
Steve Ferrone
Tom Curiano
Mixed by Kevin Killen
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Thanks to The Heights Foundation and Cliff Williams for a great night of music in Ft. Meyers, FL, with Jeff Pevar and Jeff Sipe.
Zorki's sound:  
Acoustic groves with vocals reminiscent of Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel.

Zorki's story:  
As a young musician, Zorki attracted large crowds while playing as a street musician in the parks of New York City. He was soon sharing the stage with some of New York's finest musicians. Taking his music from New York to California and back, Zorki is currently based in North Carolina. He continues to perform coast to coast.  

Zorki's style:
His unique style of complex guitar and soothing vocals hooks audiences of all ages as he makes one guitar sound like a full band. 

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